Wednesday, June 1, 2011

cody simpson :)

holla holla readers !

today i wanna talk about superstar ~

not malaysian ,

korean ,

japaneian ,


americanian !

(right is'nt)


i wanna talk about 14 years old artists

he is


hear that song ?

that is his song ;)

im not promote he on my blogg .

but i'm like his voice .

nice :D

he is not handsome at all .

but okay laa .

i know him from ..

my FB

hee :)

he doesn't like JUSTIN BIEBER .

because his hair is too different ..

i had memorise the lyric of his song .


i hope i had meet him :)

after i meet him ,

i will instruct him to sing infront of mee !

haha !

(evil laugh)

i had edit him :D

with photoshop :)

not nice at all :(

okay .

soon !

senyum dan like :D

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