Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BONUS : person who make me world colourful :)

heyy all ,,

soon !

*alamak pehal pulak ni*

i know what you said

haha ~


i think i want to do

the bonus post

every tuesday


and enjoy this post XD

im the oldest son in my family

but i have sister :)

her name is NAJWA SUFFIAH

i like person like her :)

she always make me smile


laugh :)

she pretty also

haha wekk !

she oldest one year from me

so she 14 years old :)

she always said

"wak lu !"

"syg adik"

"adik ~"

that word i always see on chatting :)

i don know die cakap ngan adik spe ~


she a cheerful and taking heavy 'ambil berat'

i also ..

(tegur ape ha dalam bahasa inggeris )

ha !

i also talking with her

on the time recess

(not much)

but i like her :)

owh ya her picture


soon !

syg akk :)

senyum dan like :D

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