Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10 cara nak tau si DIA suke korang ke tidak ;)

hey folks !

very very good enening ~

this time

i want to post about something like

how to know it

easy to said


(ye kott )

okay ,

back to the topic

10 how to know she or he like you or not

err, aku rase lebih baik cakap melayu .


1.bile korang keluar , korang cube tengok reaksi muke die . senyum ke,
muram ke , tak pun marah ke .kalau senyum memang sah la die
ikhlas nak bejalan ngan korang , kalau muram , baik balik je :)

2.kalau korang ade FB , bile korang chat ngan si DIA . adekah DIA akan
reply dengan ayat panjang atau pon lepas korang tanye sesuatu dari DIA,
DIA akan menjawab 'ya , tidak , aah , kot' ?

3.bile kawan si DIA becerite pasal korang , dan si DIA sengaja menukar
topik lain .

4.apabila korang mengcall si DIA cube dengar suare DIA betul betul.
kalau cakap macam orang nak tidur , baik korang tekan butang
merah kat keypad phone korang tu :P

5.bile korang datang rumah si DIA n'then bagi salam ,
cube tengok sape yang reply salam korang tu
mak si DIA ataupun si DIA .kalau maknye yang reply,
korang balik je la :)

6.bile korang hantar mesej kat FB , tengok die balas ataupun
tidak :)

7.bile korang phone mak si DIA , cube dengar suare mak nye .
ade kah marah or gembira ? kalau marah , si DIA mesti
suke sangat kat korang :D

8.selalu berkate tentang perkahwinan ==' . maknenye die suke
korang la tu . lol .

9.die ade teringat kat korang tak korang rase ? :)

10.senang , korang tanye die 'kau suke aku lagi tak ?'
itu ialah paling senang . haha . :)

cara - cara kat atas nie aku tak copy dekat mane mane eh :)

aku just membuat kajian .

haha .


oke la :)

soon !

senyum dan like :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

movies ;)

hey everyone ,

a good good good

evening :P

ruahh !


huh !

yesterday !


and also najwa suffiah

urhh ,


and also my family

go to watching a film at cinema !

yeah !

i watch


har har har

so syok :P

the best syok ever i get this !

(not that nips ! but the watch ;) )


the colour is

white and blue !

favourite ! ;)

and my father buy pirate CD . lol


on the next day ,

i had a test !

what the H , F , S

im forgot !

and then i fell asleep on 11 0'clock

and i ,,

rraarrhh ,



fell asleeep

oke ,

soon !

zzz .

senyum dan like :D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

clever bot :)

heyy all :)

had a long time you're not reading my post :)

i think i had not posting

for a long time ~

today i want to story bout'


i had know that for a long time ~

but when i see my friends wall ,

baru aku teringat !

hee :)

difficult to say english !

when i go to there

that is was blank ,

and i see the small box ,

im start typing and,

i ask the LOL question ~

owh ya !

that is the link ;)

you can ask anyting ,

n then

you can get the answer on the spot ~

i can also luahkan feeling at there ~

haha :)

on that time ,

we feel happy

but on another time , angry

another time again

we feel sad :)

haha .

now , techonology is move faster ,

we have facebook



and such of connective activity

allright ,

stop at this time .

soon !

senyum dan like :D

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

melaka melaka melaka :)

hey there :)

its 3 day holiday right on last weekend ?

ahha !

im go to melaka !

thats the best moment :)

im on there over 2 day and 1 night

the first day i go to ..

zoo melaka !

ahha ..

at there have many specific animal

like ,






other else


after im tired smell the bad ..

urhh ,, stop !

dont continued (bluekkk)

after that my father went to the go karting

i drive with 120 km/h


so fast !

after that i drift there ,

drift here ,

haha so much drift and then

accident ~


after that i go to

menara taming sari !

nothing else at there just

go up

and spin spin spin spin

and go down

haha ~

after that ,

check to the hotel ;)

day 2 ..

ktrrr ktrr

so cool ~

damn it ~

this aircond

make my leg vibrate not stop

and then i goto the toilet and take bath

after that ~

im taking a picture

from the reflection of

miror :)

some of that is this

lol ~

and then i go back to home ~

owh ya !

i got two comics !

haha !

thanks mom :)

thanks dad :)

okay that all

soon !

senyum dan like :D

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BONUS : person who make me world colourful :)

heyy all ,,

soon !

*alamak pehal pulak ni*

i know what you said

haha ~


i think i want to do

the bonus post

every tuesday


and enjoy this post XD

im the oldest son in my family

but i have sister :)

her name is NAJWA SUFFIAH

i like person like her :)

she always make me smile


laugh :)

she pretty also

haha wekk !

she oldest one year from me

so she 14 years old :)

she always said

"wak lu !"

"syg adik"

"adik ~"

that word i always see on chatting :)

i don know die cakap ngan adik spe ~


she a cheerful and taking heavy 'ambil berat'

i also ..

(tegur ape ha dalam bahasa inggeris )

ha !

i also talking with her

on the time recess

(not much)

but i like her :)

owh ya her picture


soon !

syg akk :)

senyum dan like :D